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Michael Graw
I live in Bellingham, Washington, at the base of the wild North Cascades. Over the last ten years, I've explored much of the region's steep terrain and endless layers of ridges and peaks, both on foot and on skis, often linking far-flung ridges together to push deeper into the range.
Timo Holmquist
I’m happiest on long backpacking trips into little-known pockets of wilderness, skiing down backcountry mountains, and on all-fours, scrambling the rocky spines of alpine ridges. When I'm not adventuring in the outdoors, I'm most likely writing about them.
Sylvia Karcz
Sylvia fell in love with snowboarding in her teens. She has since spent every season on the slopes and now works as a snowboard instructor.
Poorva Shepal
Over the last decade and a half, I’ve been busy learning and honing the skills I need to survive in the mountains. I completed a mountaineering course from one of India’s best institutes and got certified as a WFR.

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