Emmi Petersen

I currently have the pleasure of calling the Grand Canyon in Arizona both home and office.

I am a bit of a wanderer, and my car is packed for an adventure 100% of the time. I fell in love with backpacking on the Lost Coast in northern California and later, with snowboarding in the mountains surrounding Lake Tahoe. I hike and camp whenever I can, and I’m an avid believer of nature’s healing powers.

I’ve had fancier meals on a camp stove than I’ve had at home, and my film camera goes on every journey. I am fascinated and overwhelmed by the overwhelming power of the ocean, and I’ll never pass up an opportunity to jump in. 

Emmi Recommends: Backpacking And Jumping Into Water

I have been drawn to water since I was a toddler, always with my toes at the edge of a stream, lake, or ocean. When I was first introduced to backpacking when I was 19, I was overjoyed to find that it was almost necessary for me to jump into water, if I wanted to be even remotely clean. Immersing myself in bodies of water created by the earth is cleansing to my body and my mind every single time.

Backpacking has similar effects for me. Combining the effects of hiking, forest bathing, and sleeping outside is, in my opinion, the best medicine this world has to offer. In addition, the feelings of achievement and invincibility after bagging a peak or finishing an extensive backpacking trip are second to none.

I recommend starting small. Get a backpack, a water filter, and some food, and hit the trail for a night or two. You’ll find peace, clarity, and an overwhelming sense of appreciation for nature. 

Emmi’s Favorite Adventures

I have found some of the most mystical adventures within just a few hours of the places I’ve called home. Some of my favorites are below. 

Tahoe Rim Trail

The Tahoe Rim Trail is a 170-mile loop that follows the mountains surrounding the third deepest lake in the United States. With its highest peak at 10,338 feet, the entire journey features breathtaking views of countless alpine lakes, vibrant wildflowers, and moonlike landscapes.

Thru hiking the Rim Trail gave me every excuse I needed to jump in chilly water, hug trees, and connect with a best friend. My favorite part of this trip was the section through Desolation Wilderness, a pristine wilderness with alpine lakes that seemingly pop out of nowhere. The wildflowers on this trip were brilliant, and the homemade dehydrated meals even more so.

Ruby Mountains

An oasis in the middle of the high desert in northeastern Nevada, the Ruby Mountains are an alpine hiker’s dream. They are completely surrounded by desert landscape, but they create their own micro environment filled with dense vegetation and clear alpine lakes. This area features heli-skiing, climbing, and backpacking.

My solo, mind-clearing trek out to Liberty Lake ended with me enjoying an entire crystal blue lake to myself. It was, without a doubt, the coldest, most refreshing water I have ever jumped in.

Lost Coast

The Lost Coast in northern California will forever hold a special place in my heart. It was the first place I ever went backpacking — a short, three-day thru hike — and where I forever fell in love with it.

The trail gets its name from its isolation; in this particular area, the highway is about 30 miles off the coast, making the trail truly remote. The trail wanders through beaches, by caves, and over coastal mountains. It traverses streams, meadows, and forests. It has magical campsites and ample wildlife. I have completed this trail three times, and I’m genuinely stoked for the fourth.

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